Conference Papers and Publications

Project publications:

Andrew Hoskins, Sarah Oates, Filippo Trevisan and Dounia Mahlouly
“VoterEcology Summary Report” – January 2015
To download a copy, click here.


Filippo Trevisan                                                                                                                                  “Search engines: From social science objects to academic inquiry tools”                             First Monday, 19(11) – To access the full text, click here (open access).


Forthcoming conferences:

Populist and Popular: Using Google Trends to Track and Conceptualize Emerging Transnational Trends in Democratic PoliticsFilippo Trevisan and Paul Reilly (University of Leicester)

Paper accepted for the 2015 International Studies Association’s (ISA) Annual Convention, New Orleans, LA, 18th-21st February.


Past Conferences:

Campaigning with Twitter in Post-Revolutionary EgyptDounia Mahlouly

Paper accepted for the 2014 European Consortium for Political Research General Conference, Glasgow, 3rd-6th September.


Googling for Votes: Using Publicly Accessible Search Engine Data to Capture Information Flows in Elections Filippo Trevisan, Andrew Hoskins and Dounia Mahlouly

Paper presented at the 2014 American Political Science Association’s Pre-Conference on Political Communication, Washington, DC, 27th August.


Google 3.0: The Power of Google Trends to Understand VotersSarah Oates

Presentation at the Journalism/Interactive Conference (for working journalists and journalism educators), Philip Merrill College of Journalism, University of Maryland, College Park, 5th April 2014


Googling Anti-Politics: The Case of the United Kingdom Independence Party Paul Reilly (University of Leicester) and Filippo Trevisan

Paper presented at the 2014 International Studies Association’s Annual Meeting, Toronto, Canada, 26-29 March.


Googling for Heroes: Using Search Engine Accessory Tools to Study Political Turmoil in Egypt – Dounia Mahlouly

Paper presented at the training workshop on researching “Citizen Media in Russia, Central and Eastern Europe, China and East Asia, and the Arab World,” University of Manchester, 27-28 Jan. 2014.

To watch a video of Dounia Mahlouly’s presentation, click here.


The New Voter Ecology: Search Engines and Comparative Electoral Information Flows – Filippo Trevisan, Andrew Hoskins, Sarah Oates and Dounia Mahlouly

Paper presented at the Media, Communication and Cultural Studies Association’s conference, Bournemouth University, 8-10 Jan. 2014.


Co-organised and presented at ‘Power and Connectivity’ Workshop – Andrew Hoskins and Dounia Mahlouly

Royal Holloway University of London, 12th December 2013.


No Laughing Matter: Political Gaffes and Online Information Search in Election Campaigns – Filippo Trevisan

Invited talk at the University of Maryland’s Philip Merrill College of Journalism, 20 Nov. 2013.

For an overview of the event, click here.


Google: The Role of Internet Search in Elections in Established and Challenged Democracies – Dounia Mahlouly

Paper presented at the Political Studies Association’s “Challenges to Campaigning: Examining the Challenges Election Campaigning Faces Today” graduate conference, University of Edinburgh, 18 Oct. 2013.


Mapping the ‘Search Agenda:’ A citizen-centric approach to political information flows in elections – Filippo Trevisan

Paper presented at the European Communication Research and Education Association’s Communication and Democracy Annual Conference: “(Mis)understanding Political Communication” – Ludwig-Maximilians University, Munich, 10-12 Oct. 2013.

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